Quindaro, Kansas

Western University, an African American college in Quindaro, Kansas. Courtesy of the Internet Archive.

Notable Events:

  • Groundbreaking (January 1, 1857)
  • Quindaro Chindowan newspaper published, co-edited by Clarina Nichols (May 13, 1857)
  • Location of the Quindaro Freedman's School (Later Western University)
  • Underground Railroad site 

Perhaps the most unique town on the Western Border was Quindaro, Kansas, a town of freed African Americans founded along the banks of the Missouri River northwest of Kansas City, Kansas. Inspired by the Wyandotte Indian word meaning "bundle of sticks" (or the settlers' understanding of it, "in union there is strength"), Quindaro also received support from the abolitionist New England Emigrant Aid Company, and it soon became a refuge for escaped slaves who could cross the river and pass through on the Underground Railroad. With the end of slavery and the Civil War, though, Quindaro entered into a long period of economic decline. It was home to Western University, which closed in 1943, and today the remains of the town are located inside Kansas City, Kansas and listed on the National Register of Historic Places

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