Hickory Point, Kansas

Colonel James Henry Lane at the Battle of Hickory Point. Painting by S.J. Reader. Photograph courtesy of the Kansas Historical Society.

Notable Events:

The settlement at Hickory Point, Kansas emerged in March 1855 along the route of a military and trade road, and eventually became a site of "Bleeding Kansas" violence. In September 1856, a party of armed proslavery Missourians gathered at Hickory Point and repulsed an attack of jayhawkers led by James H. Lane. Lane sent for reinforcements under Colonel James A. Harvey, who missed a rendevous with Lane and missed hearing about a declaration from Territorial Governor John W. Geary to cease hostilities. The Free-Staters opened fire against the proslavery men, who had taken cover in log structures in town. Eventually, a cease-fire is declared and 100 Free-Staters are arrested and later acquitted of their crimes. The proslavery Missourians left the area. Today, the site is designated by a historical marker on U.S. Highway 59.