The Relationship Viewer

View Connections Among People, Places, Groups and Events

When viewing many of the documents in the digital collection, you will see a relationship visualization beneath the item information. This represents an innovative feature that facilitates effortless exploration of the thousands of documents that are digitized on this website.

relationship browser

Try it yourself. Here's a link to the document demonstrated in the animations.

The relationship viewer allows you to see connections among people, places, groups, and events – connections that are proven by the various documents in our collection and that reveal how people were acquainted, where they lived and fought, their political and military adversaries, and what they accomplished during the border war period.

To change your perspective and reveal other connections, simply click on any of the hexagonal nodes in the relationship browser:

relationship browser

Click the relationship label to view the documents that prove the relationship:

relationship browser

These visualizations are enabled by additional layers of metadata and a next-generation platform capable of interpreting and displaying it. This kind of "smart" processing of data is often referred to as the Semantic Web.

Enjoy browsing through history with the Relationship Viewer!